If having a good laugh is your idea of a good time, you will enjoy your time out at one of these top comedy festivals. These festivals bring the best talent from around the world together, and as a result, audiences have their funny bone tickled.

These comedy festivals will surely lighten your mood and cheer your dull days up.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Though it is the most significant art festival in the world comprising music, dance, and other forms of entertainment, many people enjoy watching Absolute Improv here. This festival draws the biggest comedy stars, and the house is always packed. It is a great idea to prepare for the trip here for six months, as the venues are always booked.

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Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Get ready to be a laughing mess in March and April at Australia’s favorite comedy festival. This famous comedy festival showcases the best Aussie comedy sketch, cabaret, theatre, film, and workshops to learn from the best in the business. You will burst into laughter when the local hidden talent from every corner of Australia takes over the mic. You can make the most out of those free shows here and experience uninterrupted happiness if you are out of budget.

Just for Laughs Festival at Montreal

The ten days of the Just for Laughs festival in July is when Canada comes alive in its best festive self. It is the world’s largest comedy event, and millions of audience crowd to watch their favorites Jim Carrey and Tim Allen perform. The festival has a legacy of 34 years, and it lets emerging artists find their stage and audience. In fact, in 1989, our endearing Mr. Bean, Rowan Atkinson, tested out his popular Mr. Bean character at this festival and left the audience breathless with laughter.

local hidden talent

New York Comedy Festival

It is held in November each year, and the laugh riot is maintained across all of New York, including the Beacon Theatre and Carnegie Hall. The previous years witnessed the likes of Ron White, Brian Regan, and Corrine Fisher. The festival also boasts the local hidden talent to put their best jokes forward.

Thai Comedy Festival

This festival, held every two years in Bangkok, features the best comedians from Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, and Hong Kong. It’s helpful in the Soi 11 Comedy Club, where the comedians create a skit to play fun with Thai people’s carefree party lifestyle.   This year, the festival committee plans to re-enact the best scenes from the HangOver 2 Movie. Most likely, they will joke about the wild nightclubs parties, and VIP nightlife scene in Bangkok,  Thailand.

Women in Comedy Festival

This comedy festival is the only one in Europe to encourage women’s presence in the international comedy scene. Every October, tons of female comedy talent like Zoe Lyons, Jayne Godley, and Jo Brand beguile the audience while also letting the fresh talent surface. Since its inception in 2013 by Dulcet Sounds’ hazel O’Keefe, the profile has been evergrowing.

Top 5 Comedy Festivals from Around the World 2022

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