If you are under the impression that only the music festivals can get you summer by, you’re mistaken. Comedy festivals in the months of July and August can quadruple your summer fun. These comedy festivals feature a mix of improv and sketch comedy and stand-up.

Attending these festivals is also a great way to discover phenomenal local talent, revisit your favorite comics and discover the raging and fun acts.

Finest comedians from all over the world fly to perform at these festivals. For many, stand-up comedy comes as a relief after a long day at work and cannot do without their daily dose of humor.

Here are the festivals that are sure to tickle your funny bone and make your summer hilarious.

Just for Laughs

Just for Laughs, Montreal, Canada

Splendid comedians from all over perform here as this festival has been touted as the most important comedy show on the face of the earth. Montreal holds the comedy crown, and currently, this event is on its way to its 25th birthday.

There are over 1,500 shows to watch as the two million fans rush to this festival to watch their favorites in the best form. The festival extends onto the streets, this transforming Quartier Latin of Montreal into a giant open-air theatre. Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Carrey, Dave Chappelle, Rowan Atkinson are some luminaries who enthral the audience here. Talent scouts lookout for the up-and-coming stand-up talent here for dramatic opportunities.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival Edinburgh, Scotland

Though this one is mainly an art festival, comedy is one of the ever-growing events here. A staggering 1.5 million tickets for the comedy segment are sold every year. This festival attracts sellout comedians like Russel Brand. The variety of performances here is astonishing, and one can find many fresh artists who make utmost efforts.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Melbourne, Australia

This festival was flagged off by Peter Cook and Barry Humphris in 1987. People throng to this festival to enjoy the line of theatre, stand-up, cabaret, film screenings, and workshops. Also, there are plenty of shows that can be enjoyed for free.

Smitchwick’s Cat Laughs Comedy Festival Kilkenny, Ireland

This one has garnered fame as the world’s best little festival. It has earned itself a cult status among comedy fans. Suppose the crowd at Edinburgh does not entice you, head over here for its laidback vibe and smaller venues. The Cat’s Laughs festival runs five days in June. After the festival, you can head over to the medieval market town for an extended tour of the place.

Brooklyn Comedy Festival, Brooklyn, New York

This festival is the latest addition to the comedy gala circuit. It highlights the borough’s expanding comedy scene. Past performers have been Dan St. Germain, but this festival emphasizes the upcoming performers. The style of the festival is not limited to a single kind and features an impressive lineup of improv and sketches.

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