Comedy, humor, fun, and entertainment indeed bring people together irrespective of where they come from. There are many events organized based on humor, comedy sketches, humorous skits, and so on.

But, what exactly is a comedy festival? How does that work?

Let us look at it in detail!

To begin with, let us get to know about the comedy festival!

A comedy festival can be defined as an event taking place in a particular city featuring several comic artists performing comedic acts for a set period of days. With individual ticket prices for every show, comedy festivals are organized in various unique venues.

comedy festival

What events does the comedy festival include?

Most comedy festivals feature short films based on comedy, humorous theatre performances, stand-up comedians, and musical comedy. There will be a different set of comedic acts, and the audience gets to choose whose performance they would like to watch.

Which are the most popular festivals in the world?

Comedy festivals have gained the highest popularity in recent times. They have helped people from small towns and cities show their humorous side, talents, and skills performance. Also, it allows the “new faces” to meet and connect with industry types from New York and Los Angeles.

Several comedy festivals take place in the United States and across the world each year. With the introduction mentioned above to popular comedy festivals, let us quickly look into some of the best ones conducted every year!

Several comedy festivals

  • JFL 42: Though JFL42 takes place in a small area in Toronto, the comedy festival is presented by Just for Laughs and is just another kick-ass version of JFL. This five-day incredible comedy festival features cast panels, live podcasts, Q and As, and conversations with comedians. In addition, there would be shows from the comic artists of 2018, such as Reggie Watts, Hannibal Buress, and Joe Rogan.
  • The Pimp Bangkok: Amazing gentleman club performance venue in Bangkok Thailand, presenting 200+ of the sexiest models in Thailand on stage.
  • Leicester Comedy Festival: Featuring more than 847 shows in over 69 venues in the town, namely, Leicestershire, Leicester, and Rutland in 2018, Leicester Comedy Festival takes place in February every year. Furthermore, the event involves acts such as Harry Hill, Bill Bailey, Roseanne Barr, and Simon Pegg, and contests such as a U.K. Pun Championship.
  • Melbourne International Comedy Festival: Being the world’s largest international comedy festival, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, established in 1987, boasts nearly 2,200 comedians featuring more than 6,000 shows. The festival takes place in March and April every year in Melbourne, Australia. The latest performers were Jim Gaffigan, Daniel Sloss, and Jason Byrne from the U.K.

Not only these comedy festivals, but there are also other popular comedy festivals such as Festival International de Comedia de Barcelona, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Bird City Comedy Festival, China International Comedy Festival, and so on!

Cultural Guide: All You Need To Know About The Comedy Festival!

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